Terms & Conditions


To purchase from egift.ie (in further We, Us, Our) our customer (in further You, Your) must be over the age of 18. When You pay for order You are agree with the price of the items, size, method of delivery. Also, you must be agree with how the products looks on pictures. But in spite of the fact that we are doing all photos by ourself, do not forget that all monitors, mobile phones, TVs, Projectors, etc. customized to their unique settings, such as color, brightness, contrast, etc. So in reality, the color may vary slightly. You also agree that Your contact information (including phone number) can be indicated on the outside of the packaging of Your order.


When shopping online store egift.ie You sign a contract with Us. The contract comes into effect immediately after You pay. On Our side, according to the contract We commit to: notify You by email about the payment received, securely pack your purchase, send it to Your address and notify You about sent item by an email. With each purchase You get automaticly generated receipt with details of payment. It is used as an document of order, as well as a warranty card, if the warranty provided by the manufacturer.
Please remember: We can not guarantee delivery on time. In case of this You have to contact Delivery Company chosen by You at time of order. We, in turn, can provide receipt, which will shows the date of sending order.

Return Policy

Remember, when shopping online, after purchase You have seven days of Cooling Off Period. During this period, You can change your mind and return the item back without any loss to yourself*. The only condition - packaging must remain original and item must not being in use. If You open the packaging, You automaticly canceling a seven-day cooling off period. Please note: We can not refund shipping price (if some specified separately on the receipt), since this amount is paid by You to a third party, in this case to delivery company. It is also possible You will have to pay for shipping back to Us, if You have no other options to deliver the goods to our head office. You can always contact Us by phone or email and We will be happy to help You find the best option or compromise.
Also, You can return the item under warranty (if provided by the manufacturer) or product with quality problem. When returning goods under warranty we will made expertise to determine the cause malfunctions - is it was a factory defect or Your fault. We will refund the money for the product or deliver you the same product or any other product from Our range for the same amount. When product with quality problem You must notify Us as soon as possible. Quality problem goods can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

How to return

To return item you must fill up Returning Form (click)

We do not returning cost for shipping, because it is paid by you to third parties.

Simply sent items to our business address, without filled form and approved return by us, can be lost without refunding any money

Remember, you can return the item in the following cases:
- Within seven days of purchase you decide that you do not need this item. Condition: notify us no later than 7 days after purchase, the packaging must not be damaged, not opened, the product must not be in use
- Product has a defect. Condition: you must notify us no later than 30 days after purchase
- Product under warranty and it has worn/broken during the warranty period.

You cannot return item if:
- Seven days gone after purchase or original packaging was opened or item was in use
- If you broke item
- If it is clothing and it is not fits you (carefully choose sizing, clothing is not returnable)


In some places in Our shop, We use slang language, but without the profanity. We take no liability for the comments on Our site, as well as for online resources that could provide a link to Us. If any information specified by Us hurts your any feelings, please contact Us to resolve these things. Thank You for your understanding.


eGift.ie is responsible for the customers loss due to Our fault, but in an amount not exceeding that which You (customer) paid to Us (including delivery charges)

Losses which are not related to Our service are not paid and are non-refundable. But still can be discussed with Us to provide You any information or help to make a complaint (to delivery company or manufacturer)

Complaints about the problems associated with the correct or incorrect use of the goods what we sell will be forwarded to the manufacturer of this product. Please read the instructions before using

Changes of site content and prices

We reserve the right to change the website and prices at any time. If the changes to take effect after placing Your order, You will receive your order at the best for You price regardless of the product increased or fallen in price.

Third Parties

Your full address and phone number will be provided to Delivery Company. This information will be listed on the package to identify the person who to deliver the order. Phone number will be indicated on packaging in case if - delivery service can not find your address; to arrange with you time and place of delivery; if the package is damaged and address or name is unreadable.

If you still do not want Us to show your phone number, you should indicate this in the Notes Field when filling out the form of your personal data when ordering.

Social Discount, Gift Cards and Promo Codes (Vouchers)

  • To get the "discount for the Like", you need to click Like button ONLY where discount offer is indicated (top of Shopping Cart or Checkout page)
  • "Like Us and Get Discount" only works twice (in case of Your make mistake on first use). In case after using discounts you will try to make Dislike and use discount again - it will not work!
  • If after Like you clicked again to Dislike, you automatically lose the discount (fair enough)
  • Social Discount working automatically and immediately as soon as you have clicked Like you can continue the checkout
  • In same order you can mix together different kinds of discounts - social discount, promo code and gift card
  • You CANNOT use in one order two or more Social Discounts, two or more Promo Codes, two or more Gift Cards. If you have some, you need to choose a most beneficial option for you
  • All percentage discounts works only for Item Price, not for Shipping price
  • All Terms&Conditions listed on the top of this page apply for Gift cards and Promo Codes
  • Gift Cards and Promo Codes may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible products on eGift.ie
  • Gift Cards and Promo Codes cannot be exchanged for cash
  • In store eGift.ie can only be used those Gift Cards and Promo Codes that you received directly from eGift.ie
  • All Gift Cards and Promo Codes obtained in another way are not valid, and eGift.ie does not take any responsibility for them
  • Gift cards have no expiration date and have no any additional fees
  • Expiry date of Promo Codes are always listed next to the Promo Code
  • Gift card and Promo Codes can be used on any amount of the purchase
  • If the balance of Gift Card is more than the order amount, the remaining balance can be used at another time
  • To check balance of your Gift Card you can always contact the store any convenient way for you. Be sure to provide the card number
  • If the order amount exceeds the amount of Gift Card, you need to pay the difference by any method available in the store
  • Lost, stolen or damaged cards replaced only with valid proof of purchase to the extent of remaining card balance
  • Gift Card is not a credit or debit card

Egift.ie is registered business name, reg. number is 476288

Our landline phone number was changed 12.07.2014 due to a move of the head office to a more spacious place. The new number is 01 6945564