Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

All personal information You enter when You make an order, will be used only by Us. It will not be given or sold to third parties excluding Delivery Service. All of Your personal information (but not credit card data) is stored in our database and it is encrypted.

Below is a list of your personal information, which you specify when you buy in our store, as well as explain what they are for:

Name and Surname
To refer to You by name. Upon delivery of the goods.

To manage your profile. Password will be used only by You.

City and Address
To deliver the goods to You.

Email and phone
For your feedback, if We have some problems with the ordered goods or ordering. To clarify some of the data.

Credit card details
...You refer to the SagePay after redirection from Our store. On all issues and errors encountered during the payment order, You need to contact SagePay. We do not have any relation to the data of Your credit card.

Note: We will never ask by phone or email details of Your credit card. If this happens, please contact the Garda or let Us know to avoid fraud by other persons using Our name.

We do not have any mailing lists on an email or using the phone numbers. We do not exclude that in the future We can have some mailings, but about it You will be aware just in your profile on our website and You will get mailings only with Your personal permission.

We are not responsible for the use of Your profile by other persons. Do not forget to click the "Logout" button when leaving the site or not let use your computer to others.

Cookies Policy

Yes, we using cookies as most websites do it now. If you want to use our website you have to be agree to the fact that we using cookies. Otherwise you can switch it off in your browser settings, but we can not guarantee that will work properly

So, here is a list of what we using:

First Parties Cookies

CurrencyMakes euro as deafult currency. We works in Ireland only, so thats why you dont have another choice
LanguageEnglish. Just English
PHPSESSIDMain session of this website. Helps to your browser remember your last move, to make a next one. Helps you to make an order, keep full your shopping cart while you continue shopping and etc. Without this cookie will work very bad, if will at all
DisplayMakes a grid view in categories as default (but you still can choose a list view)

Third Parties Cookies

FacebookGiving us a chance to collect Likes on our official facebook account. In future we can let you know via Facebook about new offers and arrivals
GoogleFew google cookies which helps us to collect analytic information - what you like more, what categories is more popular for people, how many people daily, weekly, yearly coming to our store. All this just to make you more happy, to offer you in future exactly what you interested more